Supreme Grooming Products for Men

Men’s Grooming Is Booming

The Male Grooming market, while exhibiting strong potential needs a markedly different approach in order to succeed compared to the mature female beauty market. For the average man, purchasing personal care products continues to be born out of necessity and largely devoid of any emotional connection to the product.

Through strategic brand marketing, we intend to increase the level of engagement and emotional connection between men and the Crown Shaving Co. brand of grooming products.

Although it seems many men are becoming more comfortable with, and embracing good grooming regimens, the majority of men still prefer gender specific products in favour of using unisex products.

The first thing you will notice when looking at the Crown Shaving Co. brand is their masculine appeal, no second guessing here. The two barber poles branded on every label instantly tell the consumer that these products were developed for men.

For the average man, searching for the right grooming products can be quite a daunting experience with so many products lining the shelves. Man is by nature a purchaser not a shopper, we do not want to browse, we want to buy what we need and get on with it. We strongly believe that Crown Shaving Co. separate’s itself from many of the grooming products found on retail shelves, and calls out to the male consumer as well as the female consumer looking to purchase supreme male grooming products.

Shelf appeal is great, but a good looking brand of grooming products is nothing if superior ingredients are not used. Our main objective when developing this brand was to eliminate as much as the chemical ingredients that are found in most grooming products. Every Crown Shaving Co. product is enriched with natural and botanical ingredients, free of artificial colorants, artificial fragrance, sulfates and parabens.

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