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An enjoyable shaving experience is something we strive to provide for all our customers. As such, we have a product for each step of the shaving process. Our enriched Supreme Glide Pre Shave, our rich and silky Shave Cream and a variety of aftershaves all combine together into a great selection of shave products for our customers to choose from.


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  • Supreme Glide Pre Shave Formula 8oz

    Enriched with the finest organic plant extracts, Crown Shaving Co.'s Supreme Glide Pre-Shave Formula is an exceptional men's shaving product. The glycerin swiftly softens your stubble, hydrating the skin beneath and lending a slick surface for a safe razor glide as you shave. Organic meadowfoam seed oil works to hydrate at a deeper level, leaving your skin and facial hair smooth to the touch, while sugar maple minimizes free radicals and damaged cells. Slather some of this luscious blend on before your morning shave, and leave your face nourished and fresh. 
  • Soothing After Shave Lotion 4oz

    An exquisitely light formula, Crown Shaving Co.'s Soothing After Shave Lotion is a non-oily lotion that absorbs quickly once applied to your skin. This mixture contains a salubrious blend of aloe, coconut oil, witch hazel, vitamin E, jojoba, and black willowbark, offering your skin a full nourishing treatment. Just a dollop of this deluxe cream leaves your freshly shaved face calm and soothed, restoring your natural pH level balance.
    Make this after shave a part of your grooming regimen, and discover skin that looks and feels fresher than ever.
  • Shave Cream 4oz

    A rich and silky cream, Crown Shaving Co.'s Mens Shaving Cream makes the perfect addition to your morning shave. A nutritive formula containing shea butter, white ginger, maritime pine bark, cocoa, and spearmint leaf oil, this mixture leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated, and looking vibrant. Delicately scented with spearmint and eucalyptus, this luxurious lotion bequeaths you with a bracing aromatic presence, awakening your senses and charming those around you. With just a few whirls of your shaving brush, it lathers profusely, laying the foundation for a close and comfortable shave. Spread some on, and start your day on the right note.
  • After Shave Tonic 4oz

    An authentic barbershop scent, Crown Shaving Co.'s After Shave Tonic is a classic men's grooming essential. Rich notes of tobacco, leather, bay rum, and barber's talc create a balanced aromatic blend that is smooth and distinctly masculine. Containing a healthy dose of witch hazel, this tonic is an excellent astringent, helping to brighten yours eyes and keep your skin taut after your shave. Keep this cool tonic on your bathroom counter, and greet the world with a crisp countenance.
  • The Shave Kit

    A Shave Kit for a complete shaving experience. Every man has a shaving process, we at CrownShaving provide a product for each part of that process.

    Use the Pre Shave Formula to soften your stubble and hydrate your skin lending to a slick surface for your razor. The Shaving Cream then provides a strong lather that contains shea butter, white ginger and spearmint leaf oil that leaves your shave clean and your skin smelling great. In the end choose either the After Shave Tonic or After Shave Lotion to restore your natural pH level and in the case of the tonic leave yourself with a distinct bay rum smell.

    Our Shave Kit contains Supreme Glide Pre Shave Formula, Shave Cream, Soothing After Shave Lotion, After Shave Tonic.
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