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All of our Crown Shaving Co mens grooming products have been researched and tested using only the finest cosmetic labs. They contain non irritating ingredients and use the best ingredients available. Crown Shaving Co prides itself on the highest quality for its mens grooming products and we are confident that you will love the outcome. 

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  • After Shave Tonic 4oz

    An authentic barbershop scent, Crown Shaving Co.'s After Shave Tonic is a classic men's grooming essential. Rich notes of tobacco, leather, bay rum, and barber's talc create a balanced aromatic blend that is smooth and distinctly masculine. Containing a healthy dose of witch hazel, this tonic is an excellent astringent, helping to brighten yours eyes and keep your skin taut after your shave. Keep this cool tonic on your bathroom counter, and greet the world with a crisp countenance.
  • Beard Balm 4oz

    Beards have been with us for the longest time and yes, having one does require grooming as well. Without proper care, your overgrown stubs can become dry, frizzy, and unmanageable, much like hair. Luckily, there are products specifically made for facial hair.
    Crown Shaving Co's Beard Balm is specifically formulated to help keep the hair soft and have a slight sheen, making it easier to have it looking the way you want, while leaving a fresh clean scent. It helps nourish and lock in moisture not only in your whiskers, but also the skin beneath. Crown Shaving Co. Beard Balm is made with high quality ingredients and natural extracts. Even the skin under your facial fuzz is hydrated by aloe juice, enriched with vitamin A and E by Shea butter, and is soothed by Neroli distillate.
    It comes in a convenient pump-top bottle, making application a breeze. If you are serious about growing facial fuzz, then you should know how to take care of it properly. Get the best balm today and make that beard more awesome.
  • Beard Wash 8oz

    Crown Shaving Co's mens beard wash helps you maintain your beard in a number of ways. It preserves the natural oils found in your beard that are eliminated by other more generic shampoos. The gentle beard wash formula also combats frizz ensures hydration and prevents itchiness. In the end, our beard wash not only maintains your beard but leaves it smelling clean and fresh.
  • Body Powder

    Crown Shaving Co.’s Mens Body Powder will keep you feeling fresh all-day long. A small dab of the powder will absorb moisture ensuring you stay dry and refreshed wherever you are. Its light masculine scent masks odours and is great for post-gym grooming.
  • Signature Blend Eau de Parfum 100ml

    We have taken our best selling tonic/cologne signature scent and made an Eau De Parfum for men version. The same notes of tobacco, leather, bay rum and anise lend to a unique masculine scent. A seductive scent well suited for any occasion. Use the Crown Shaving Co Parfum and smell better Longer!
    Size: 100 ml
  • Signature Blend Cologne 0.35oz

    Stored in a neat travel bottle, Crown Shaving Co.'s signature tonic scent has now been re-created in a cologne version, Roll-On Cologne, a crowd-pleasing masculine fragrance with a nifty roll-on applicator. Lending forth notes of tobacco, leather, bay rum, and anise, this seductive scent is well-suited for any occasion, be it a casual coffee date or a professional business meeting. Roll some on, and charm all around you with your distinctive aromatic personality.
  • Hippie Killer Pomade 4oz

    For the perfect styling finish, Crown Shaving Co. offers the first ever Hippie Killer Pomade for men. A mixture containing bee propolis extract and hydrolyzed wheat protein, this fine formula gives a medium to firm hold, and medium shine, adding just the right touch of definition and lustre to your hair. Its water-soluble formulation allows you to wash it out effortlessly, and its clean ingredients promote a healthy scalp as well as a voluminous head of hair. Spread some of this luxury pomade throughout your locks, and look like the smartest man in the room: you'll put those shaggy hippies to shame.
  • Hippie Killer Matte Clay 4 oz

    Crown Shaving Co's Hippie Killer mens hair clay offers a matte finish with medium hold. The Matte clay makes for a clean and more professional look. It is also perfect for hair that needs texture and volume while still keeping your hair pliable.
    4 oz.
  • Peppermint Tea Tree Hair & Body Wash 16oz

    A discerning blend of peppermint and tea tree oil, Crown Shaving Co.'s Peppermint Tea Tree Hair and Body Wash is revitalizing and soothing, leaving you feeling clean and refreshed. With aloe, lavender, chamomile, vitamin B5, and citric acid, this wash nourishes and hydrates your skin and hair, removing superficial grime and penetrating deep for a thorough cleansing. Just a few drops of this cleanser purifies your entire body and head of hair, while the tea tree oil's anti-bacterial properties ensure that your body steers clear of any infections. Stand this deluxe wash in your shower, and take comfort in feeling pristine.

    Size: 16oz.
  • Shave Cream 4oz

    A rich and silky cream, Crown Shaving Co.'s Mens Shaving Cream makes the perfect addition to your morning shave. A nutritive formula containing shea butter, white ginger, maritime pine bark, cocoa, and spearmint leaf oil, this mixture leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated, and looking vibrant. Delicately scented with spearmint and eucalyptus, this luxurious lotion bequeaths you with a bracing aromatic presence, awakening your senses and charming those around you. With just a few whirls of your shaving brush, it lathers profusely, laying the foundation for a close and comfortable shave. Spread some on, and start your day on the right note.
  • Shave Cream 8oz

    A rich, silky cream using only the finest ingredients available. The scent of eucalyptus and spearmint is sure to awaken your senses. This mens shaving cream will provide you with a close, comfortable shave while leaving your skin feeling nourished and refreshed.
  • Soothing After Shave Lotion 4oz

    An exquisitely light formula, Crown Shaving Co.'s Soothing After Shave Lotion is a non-oily lotion that absorbs quickly once applied to your skin. This mixture contains a salubrious blend of aloe, coconut oil, witch hazel, vitamin E, jojoba, and black willowbark, offering your skin a full nourishing treatment. Just a dollop of this deluxe cream leaves your freshly shaved face calm and soothed, restoring your natural pH level balance.
    Make this after shave a part of your grooming regimen, and discover skin that looks and feels fresher than ever.
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